Redverz Gear Groundsheet Sleeping €49.00
Redverz Gear Groundsheet Sleeping €49.00
Redverz Gear Groundsheet Sleeping €49.00
Redverz Gear Groundsheet Sleeping €49.00

Groundsheet Sleeping


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Atacama Expedition Tent, Foot Print/Groundsheet

Sleeping Bay Foot Print for the Atacama Expedition Tent

Atacama Expedition Tent, Sleeping Bay Foot Print. Hooks directly beneath the inner tent/sleeping bay to protect the floor from abrasion and damage in rough terrains. Tent can also be used without the inner tent and just the sleeping bay foot print. Weighs 6oz.

We always recommend using a footprint, a custom-cut ground cloth designed specifically for the floor plan of your tent. Footprints extend the life of your tent floor, and in the morning they provide a clean surface where you can fold and roll your tent.

Our foot prints avoid having water collect between the tent floor and the footprint during rainy conditions, as it is custom fitted for the sleeping area.

The sleeping bay ground cloth and garage ground cloth for the Atacama Expedition Tent are two different, distinct cloths of different sizes to fit perfectly in each designated area.  With "Sleep" imprinted directly on the sleeping bay area foot print there is no confusion as to which ground cloth belongs where.  Ground cloths are optional and sold separately.  

Our advice:

  •  If only a nonspecific ground cloth is all that is available, tuck any excess material under the tent floor . Any material that extends beyond the tent's perimeter will catch water and collect it

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By on  02 Aug. 2018 (Groundsheet Sleeping) :

Excellent Addition

Protect your investment. Well thought out integration and connection to the tent.

By on  08 Aug. 2017 (Groundsheet Sleeping) :

Great accessory

Fits perfectly and the fastening system is much better than other tents I own...extremely easy on and off....not sure whether I will leave it attached when I pack up or camping season will tell the tale....usually pack them separately because may be covered in mud and debris.

By on  13 June 2017 (Groundsheet Sleeping) :

Great addition to the Atamaca Tent

I have used the both the groundsheets 3 times now and I am very pleased with how they work. Same great construction as the tent. The garage sheet really saved the inside of the tent from getting muddy, and its great added insurance for a premium tent. They pack up nicely when you leave them attached or fold them up separate inside the tent bag

By on  07 Sept. 2016 (Groundsheet Sleeping) :

Worthwhile addition

The groundsheet does not come with the tent as ordered. It's additional, but the first time we used it, it saved the base of our tent. We were in very rocky territory and we managed to get holes in the groundsheet. You might ask, why pay €50 for something a €10 sheet of plastic or a tarp may do the same. Just try putting either of those down in a gale and getting the tent on top of it! This groundsheet clips to the underside of the sleep area into clips presewn onto the tent. It all rolls up together so no problems in getting it in the right place. While your at it, but the garage ground sheet, it clips in too, nice to be able to take of your boots and not walk in damp or wet grasses of in dinoflagellates any kind.