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Quotes from Editors

The Redverz Expedition Tent is luxury camping on steroids.

#1 Motorcycle Tent Redverz Gear wins RiDE Tent test.


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Redverz Tents & Gear

Expedition tents from Redverz Gear set the standard for luxury in motorcycle travel. Redverz Atacama and Solo Expedition tents with motorcycle garages provide shelter for riders, bikes and loads of gear. The clever design offers a level of comfort and functionality previously unheard of in the motorcycle camping community. 

By solving for the issues of inadequate bike security, low uncomfortable ceilings and cramped quarters Redverz developed the best motorcycle tent on the market. Our “garage” is simply well-designed space.  Use it as you see fit. 

Which tent is right for you? The spacious Atacama accommodates up to three campers whereas the Solo, with sleep capacity of one, is best suited to the lone rider. If a two-person, freestanding mountaineering tent is more your style Redverz has the Hawk II tent to handle snow loads and alpine conditions.

What do our customers from around the world say about our Camping Gear :

This is the BMW GS of tents - A bit more awesome than everything else.   This is by far the best tent I have ever owned or used. My companions all converted I think to the ease of setup, functionality, and ability to stow in a remarkably small package despite the rather palatial footprint.   The large size is the key advantage and sometimes requires very creative accommodation in the National/State parks out west that have rather small camp sites for tents.   It always fit though even when sharing with another tent.   I love the continuous engineering improvements you have made to this already tremendous series of tents, again well done and thanks. Christopher Kaniut BMWNEF - Atacama Expedition Tent

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome tent. I had never seen or heard of a "motorcycle tent" until a buddy of mine showed me his Redverz tent a few years ago. Now, 3 years later, after many adventures, including a 3 week trip through Mexico, I don't know how I ever traveled without one. It makes camping along the way SO much easier. Plus, it has held up extremely well - not a single rip or tear or broken zipper after 3 years. I love it and have recommended it to many of my friends. Justin Elk Mountain Tents Atacama Expedition Tent

Exceeded Expectations 

I am a former Marine who researches every piece of kit I buy. I spend hours on forums, or reading the most recent motorcycle magazines in order to ensure my money supports the best product for me. This tent is exceptional. I went on a trip without practicing putting it up prior to embarking (I usually just slide into a bivy sack and rack out), and was able to set this thing up in the rain without an issue. The design is great. You can set it up in inclement weather which, if you lay it out properly, rain/snow will not get inside the sleeping quarters. I could use a few more pockets to place items (they have two decent pockets inside the tent), but I like having order inside my tent. My friends initially thought I was nuts to buy such a large tent, but once they realize that I am usually within 1-2lbs of their tents, BUT I get massive size to work on my bike, they ask right away where to buy one. I've noticed that Redverz now makes a one person tent. I don't tolerate people well, and usually travel alone, but I can say that the weight different between the one person and the 2-3 person isn't large enough to concern me (maybe if you are sub 500cc it might be a better idea to get the one person). If you are looking for a tent for your motorcycle adventure, please consider this one. Atacama Expedition Tent


I purchased the dry bag for an 1600 mile motorcycle camping trip. I bought both the 90 liter and the 50 liter. In the 90 liter, I put my Redverz Solo Expedition Tent with groundsheets and extra stakes, my sleeping bag, my self-inflating sleeping pad, and a few other odds and ends. I had room to spare. In the 50 liter, I put 2 Biolite camp stoves with the cooking and lighting accessories, as well as some other camp odds and ends (plates, cups, etc.). Again, plenty of room to spare. The stacked OK on the luggage rack of my Street Glide Special. They include 2 tie down rings on each side of the bag where the handles connect to the bag which made attaching to my luggage rack easy. The top folds over (3 times recommended for waterproof) and clips on each side. Micheal Z Redverz Dry Bags


I absolutely freaking love my Redverz Solo Tent! It is a solo, but there is about a double mattress of floor space in sleeping area. Enough if you are close to your sleeping mate (I.e. Significant other) and quite spacious by yourself. It is a breeze to setup...seriously not an issue. I literally an hour ago setup another tent I have to air it out...a normal 2 person REI...and it took far longer. The fact that the ground sheet, inner tent and outer shell are all connected makes it so easy. And the space inside the garage...oh my...what a luxury!! I really don't intend to put my bike in it, though I could,...I just love it for the space to sit and change, etc. as a bike tent, it is just fine...straps down easy and weight is not an issue. I'm glad I got the solo, as I'll mostly use it myself and there is plenty of room, though it still doesn't take up much more ground footprint than a 4 person tent would, so easy to find a spot. Serious...beat camping purchase I've ever made. Awesome quality, easy to put up and take down. Wish it had more inner loops for hanging stuff and pockets in the tent, but that's minor compared the the absolute ease of use and luxury of space. No regrets. Drew Solo Expedition Tent

Tested during a severe thunderstorm

This tent rocks! Sets up with ease, plenty of room inside, being able to stand and store gear is priceless for a tent that packs up so small. Used it for the 1st time at last year's BMW national rally in Hamburg, NY. Put the tent up at midnight with a flashlight between my teeth then 2 hrs later got hit with a severe t storm packing 70 mph straight line winds. The tent survived with no damage. A couple stakes pulled out but other than that I was dry. All you could hear for the next hour was the tink tink of hammers as people put there tents back together. William G Solo Expedition Tent

Field Tested: Redverz Hawk II - Expedition Portal

If I was headed off on a year-long overland journey to the far flung corners of the globe, I’d have no hesitation grabbing the Hawk II and calling it home. I’d feel confident it would serve me as well in the Sahara as it would in Siberia. Christophe Noel  Hawk II 4 Season Tent 

Redverz Atacama Expedition

They laugh about the bike in the garage tent but then when it's raining, snowing or blowing out it's suddenly the most popular tent in the campground! I've had this particular tent for nearly a year now and I love how roomy it is, how I can stand up to change my clothes, the ventilation that prevents moisture buildup and how much space in the bay there is for storage, cooking or just visiting. I've only put the bike inside once and that was to hide it from a park ranger who was hassling us about the number of bikes/tent site! My advice is get the footprints for both the sleeping and garage area; they fit great and a nice touch. Eric Hall Atacama Expedition Tent


Recently camped at the Touratech east rally in Pa.   Saturday evening we had an incredible thunder storm blow thru.   It was short but did a lot of damage.   Port-a-jons blown over, some tents flattened etc.  This was my first trip with my new Atacama expedition tent and my first camping experience.   That tent is amazing!   Two guys camping on either side brought their chairs over and we hunkered down in the garage and enjoyed dinner as the storm raged on.  At one point we stood and put a little upward pressure on the garage  poles as the wind was driving the top of the tent down considerably.   Other than a little water that ran under the tent into the garage the tent was bone dry.   Both of the other guys had water in their tents as did a lot of the other folks camping.  Incredible!  Jim Skillen Atacama Expedition Tent